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Why People Make False Child Abuse Allegations

Why People Make False Child Abuse Allegations

Child abuse allegations are serious. When a person is facing child abuse allegations, they are being accused of causing injury, emotional harm, or risk of serious harm to a child. Unfortunately, it’s far too common for people to make false child abuse allegations. A multi-site study of eight U.S. communities including 2,059 cases of sexual assault alone, found a seven percent rate of false reports.

Why Do People Make False Child Abuse Allegations?

One of the most common reasons why people make false child abuse allegations is because they think it will help them get sole child custody. Time and time again, parents that go through a bitter divorce think that accusing the other parent of child abuse will help them obtain sole custody.

However, false child abuse allegations should never be taken lightly. When a person intentionally files a false report of child abuse or neglect, they can be guilty of a class A misdemeanor in the state of Missouri.

What You Should Do If Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

If you face false child abuse allegations, it’s vital to obtain legal representation as quickly as possible. Having an experienced attorney on your side is important to get the right evidence and witnesses for your case. Even though you’re not guilty, you shouldn’t take these allegations lightly. They can affect your child custody rights if not handled correctly.

You should also avoid engaging in any conduct that could be considered inappropriate when dealing with children. It’s best to avoid situations where the other parent can continue accusing you of child abuse.

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