How a False Child Abuse Claim Can Impact Your Life

It's never easy to be accused of something that you didn't do, especially if it involves your children. Sadly, false claims of child abuse are more common than ever in family law matters. If you are falsely accused of child abuse, it can potentially destroy your life in more ways than you may realize.

It Can Affect Your Reputation

First of all, child abuse allegations can tarnish your good reputation. You may find that colleagues, friends, and family members start to think differently about you. This could affect your work life or even your ability to find a job.

It Can Impact Your Relationship With Your Children

One significant way false child abuse accusations can influence your life is by impacting your relationship with your children. You could lose custody of your kids, and you may even be denied visitation with them. Additionally, these allegations could leave your children confused about their relationship with you.

It Could Lead to a Loss of Your Freedom

Depending on what you are being accused of, you could be facing misdemeanor or felony charges. If you are found guilty, you could face the loss of freedom in the form of probation, jail, or prison time. It's important to understand the gravity of the situation you are in. To clear your name, you must get an attorney with experience handling cases like yours.

Consult a Child Abuse Defense Attorney Today

Being falsely accused of child abuse can impact your life in several ways. With so much on the line, it's imperative you fight against these false allegations and clear your name. Now is the time to seek experienced legal representation from the skilled Columbia child custody attorneys at Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices.

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