I’ve Been Charged With a Crime For The First Time - What Should I Do?

Protecting Your Rights

Being charged with a crime for the first time can leave you wondering what your future may hold. You may feel scared, alone, and unsure of what to do. If facing criminal charges for the first time, take a deep breath and consider the following steps.

Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

Perhaps the first step you should take if you are charged with a crime is to get in contact with a criminal defense attorney. You have the right to defend yourself against the accusations you face, but having an attorney experienced in handling these types of cases can only strengthen your defense. A criminal defense attorney can inform you of your options and guide you throughout the upcoming legal process.

Be Aware of Potential Consequences

Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, but should a guilty verdict be reached, then it would help you to understand what consequences you might face. Penalties vary from crime to crime, so the possibilities range from paying fines to community service to jail time.

Prepare Your Defense

Just because you are charged with a crime does not automatically mean you are guilty of said crime. Because of the way our justice system works, you have the opportunity to prove your innocence.

Your criminal defense attorney can help you craft an argument and prepare the evidence that argues why the charges against you should be dropped. You should prepare everything from facts, documents, and witness statements in order to strengthen your overall argument. While there is no guarantee of victory, your attorney can use what you prepare to fight vigorously in court for your rights.

Remain Calm

Perhaps the most difficult to apply consistently, try your best to remain calm. While facing a criminal charge is certainly scary and filled with uncertainty, remember that there is no automatic assumption of guilt with a charge. You have the opportunity to defend yourself, so take advantage of this.

Missouri Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’re facing your first criminal charge, it is imperative that you get on the phone with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices is standing by ready to help you defend your rights throughout your case. Don’t hesitate to call us; we’re ready to help.

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