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How to Get Custody of Your Child Back?

Losing custody of a child is an extremely difficult situation for any parent, especially if they lost custody due to false child abuse allegations. Thankfully, the loss of child custody doesn’t have to be permanent. If you lost custody of your child, there is still hope to get it back. The Columbia child custody lawyers at Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices explain what you can do to help regain custody of your child.

Seek Legal Counsel

Requesting a modification for child custody isn’t a simple process. It will require you to present the court with strong evidence that demonstrates that you should regain custody of your child. Due to the complexity of the case, it’s vital that you have an experienced attorney on your side. An attorney can evaluate your case to determine why you weren’t granted custody of your child, and what evidence you can present to demonstrate that the judge made an error. At Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices, our team has over 60 years of experience helping parents with their child custody cases. If you need legal guidance, our team is here to help you.

Provide the Needed Evidence

If your child custody was denied for a specific reason, you need to provide evidence that the reason was either false or that you have addressed the issues. Unfortunately, there have been many child custody cases that involve false child abuse allegations. In such cases, you would need to prove that the allegations were false to help regain custody.

Common reasons for denied custody include:

  • Alcohol or drug abuse

  • Physical abuse or neglect

  • Safety issues in the home

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