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Dirty Tricks Parents Use to Win Custody

In a perfect world, parents who are divorcing will put aside their differences to figure out what is best for their children. Unfortunately, too many engage in a custody battle, prioritizing their wants over their kids' needs. In an effort to win sole custody or get back at their ex, some parents may even resort to deceitful tactics. Our Columbia lawyers explain the dirty tricks that you need to watch out for.

Examples of Tricks Used in Custody Battles

Heading to court for a custody hearing can be extremely stressful and nerve wracking. If you are already on edge, any distraction from the opposing side could push you over. Some of those examples include:

  • Maxing out joint credit cards and cleaning out shared bank accounts

  • Moving out with the children and taking them to another state

  • Making false claims of domestic violence or child abuse

  • Getting a restraining order based on false allegations

  • Speaking negatively about the other parent and revealing private details about your relationship to influence the child’s feelings about the other parent

  • Denying access or visitation to the child

These manipulative tactics are often used to get a reaction out of the other parent. If they had an outburst in front of the judge, it could have a devastating effect on the case.

Preventing Dirty Tricks in Custody Cases

Unfortunately, not much can be done to prevent dirty tricks in advance. Rest assured, judges are all too familiar with these tactics, and it will most likely backfire on the other parent. Do not try to retaliate if you catch your former spouse trying to use dirty tricks. Instead, advise your attorney and look at what legal steps can be taken.

During the turmoil, it may feel like no one is on your side. We know how important custody cases are, and we’ll be the advocate you need. Whether you are fighting for your custody rights or dealing with false allegations of child abuse, you can count on our team at Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices.

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