3 Reasons a Parent May Not Win Custody

Child custody is one of the most contentious matters that can arise in a divorce. Parents argue often over where the children will live, where they may go to school, which doctor they’ll see, how much visitation the other has, and more. Unfortunately, many divorces often result in one parent having custody, while the other gets partial custody or visitation.

As a parent, you should recognize the potential factors that can impact your custody case. Below, we’ll explain some of the reasons you may not win custody and what you can do to help yourself in these complex legal situations.

1. Living Situations

Judges will consider your living situation when determining whether or not you are fit to care for your child. A child needs space and if you cannot provide that in your current living situation (such as if you’re renting a room from a friend), you may lose your custody hearing and only have visitation rights.

2. The Child’s Social Life

If you are too far from the child’s current friends or school, you may not receive custody because it can interfere with their social life. Courts are supposed to look at a child’s best interests, which means maintaining the quality of life they have, and if you obtaining custody alters that in a negative way, it could impact your case.

3. A False Domestic Violence Accusation

Unfortunately, you can be the best parent, but a false domestic violence accusation can alter opinions of you in social and legal regard. Working with a lawyer can help clear your name, as well as help you seek custody should your ex wrongly accuse you of domestic violence of any kind.

Custody is one of the most emotionally charged aspects of a family law matter. At Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices, we put you first. Our Columbia family law attorneys guide you through complex court proceedings and help you understand the most effective way to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

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