Parental Rights in Missouri Custody Cases

Equal for Mothers and Fathers

There is a broad assumption surrounding child custody cases that states mothers are given preference when determining who is awarded what level of child custody. However, this is not the case in Missouri, as both parents are given the same treatment when determining custody. Continue reading to learn more about parental rights in Missouri custody cases.

Equal Parental Rights

When it comes to child custody in Missouri, both mothers and fathers are viewed as equals, meaning the assumption that mothers automatically receive child custody is thrown out. The child's best interest is always the primary concern when making any decisions regarding custody arrangements. A parent's gender does not play any role in making any child custody decisions.

In many cases, both parents can provide a loving and stable home for their children and meet the best interest standard. In these cases, it is up to the parents to come to an agreement on who will have primary custody of the children. If the parents are unable to agree, the court will decide based on several child custody factors to determine a custody arrangement they believe is in the child's best interest.

It is important for fathers to know that they have just as much of a chance as mothers do regarding child custody in Missouri.

Working with a Missouri Child Custody Attorney

Child custody matters are incredibly sensitive and filled with various emotions; it's normal for parents to want to fight for their right to spend time with their child, making these cases more difficult to navigate. It is important to work with an attorney who understands the law and will fight for your parental rights. At Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices, we know your time with your child is important, which is why we will work to achieve a solution that serves your child's best interests and meets your needs.

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